Consider new drivetrain parts (chain, cassette, chainrings), brake pads, tires, and be sure to check all bearing systems before crossing the border. Baja Divide - day 2 C'est top mais je suis heureux d'avancer faci... lement sur une vingtaine de kilomètres goudronnés. In this case,  a tube may be required to exit the backcountry although the task of removing all thorns from a tire may be nearly impossible. Relatively few repair parts are available along the route. Couleurs pastel, premières étoiles. Si el talón de la llanta filtra durante la instalación, es muy probable que haga lo mismo a presiones bajas. Shipping. Big Bikes in Baja – This trip could also be called The Introduction to Baja Tour… because it will leave you craving for more! She was the first American to win the Trans Am. Baja Divide - January 2019. Rigid frames, narrow tires, and especially tubes –whose greatest weakness are cactus thorns– would have limited the scope of where a bicycle might ride in the desert. Baja Divide - January 2019. Por ejemplo, unas llantas 27.5×3.0” que pesen menos de 900 gramos es probable que no sobrevivan a la BCD. Email sent also. Once you put a tube in your tire, assuming you can manage to remove all the visible thorns, keep your fingers crossed and hope you have enough patches to get back to the road as there are likely to be more thorns hidden in the tire. Thanks, Tim But for some riders, the wheels were just too big. Easy/Intermediate. -Aguja curva e hilo de tapicería para coser daños en la pared de la llanta -Tubeless tires are required to prevent punctures in the desert. I’m strongly interested in the loop at the southern end. Baja Divide- Dom. DFL the (Baja) Divide Photos and words by Spencer Harding I went into the Baja Divide grand depart expecting it to be more of a social occasion than a bike tour. The Baja Divide is a dirt bikepacking route from Tecate to the southern cape. I love promoting Baja and take crews of hikers, bikers, and friends to explore all over. Let me know if I can contribute in any way to this project. Route guides and section narratives will be published along with the GPX track and new website in the next month or two. The nearly 2000 mile route is expected to connect the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, crossing every mountain range in Baja California on a series of unpaved backcountry tracks. We left the hotel around 10:00 am, and rode the highway through San José del Cabo to Santa Anita, where we picked up the Divide route. It would be great to meet! Las cámaras eran todavía el talón de Aquiles de este sistema, y hasta que las conversiones a tubeless y equipo tubeless propiamente dicho se volvió más común, llevar una fatbike al desierto era tan útil como un barco lleno de hoyos. -Cinta Gorilla o adhesiva envuelta alrededor de la bomba -Tire patch kit (Hutchinson Rep’air). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We decided to … I’ll admit, despite the plentiful resources provided on the Baja Divide website, I barely looked at the maps and descriptions of the route. Lael and I have ridden the length of the peninsula without any flats. Route is based on the Mountain Bike trail: found here: Baja Divide. Invest in durable, high-quality, tubeless tire casings such as Maxxis EXO, Terrene Tough, WTB TCS Tough, Vittoria TNT, Specialized Grid (although the 27.5×3.0 Control casing is also durable), Surly 60tpi TR, Schwalbe Snakeskin, etc. 0. -Kit de parchado de cámara The Baja Divide is a gift to the bikepacking community with support from these companies: with tubeless wheels and durable tires is recommended for the Baja Divide. Consider new drivetrain parts (chain, cassette, chainrings), brake pads, tires, and be sure to check all bearing systems before crossing the border. On arrival in San Diego, stayed with Dave’s very nice friends. Excelent news, we have a lot off roads in Baja, thanks for the connection…, LOVE this proyect…bikers will be VERY WELCOME ! I included a gear rundown in the description of a picture of me with a yellow jersey and the bike, about 1/3 of the way through the photos. Congrats! Hi guys, I am departing from Sonora in a week to make the Bajas by bike. May 4 th, 2017 Anna Cipullo. Tubes were still the achilles heel of the system, and until tubeless conversions and proper tubeless-ready equipment became common, taking a fatbike into the desert was about as useful as a boat full of holes. Bikepacking The Baja Divide-Ojos Negros to Santo Tómas-Episode 3 - Duration: ... Travel by bike thru Baja California Mexico. Luego aparecieron las bicis plus. Five of the best for exploring Mexico’s peninsula. Shipping. Share and discover bicycle travel blogs, bike touring journals, and bikepacking trip reports. After finishing the Baja Divide ride, I crossed back into the U.S. at San Ysidro and had my bike and touring gear stolen at the Jack in the Box just across the border on the U.S. side. The only modern bike shops on route are FASS Bike in Vicente Guerrero, Ressel Bikes in La Paz, and Thunders Bikes in San José del Cabo. Our own Cass Gilbert is returning for another issue of The Bikepacking Journal, our biannually printed publication, to share a feature story from his recent trip along Mexico’s ~1,700-mile Baja Divide Route, which runs the length of the Baja Peninsula. Le dépassement de soi par le sport. En este caso, quizá se requiera del uso de cámara para salir del monte aunque la tarea de remover todas las espinas de dentro de una llanta sea casi imposible. The route will use 100% existing resources, including about 90% dirt roads, about 1-2% singletrack, and just a little bit of pavement. Tire shops are common throughout Mexico and may be able to repair a tubeless tire in the event of serious tire damage, such as a large cut or hole. MtbApp-February 6, 2020. -Sellador 2-4oz. The recent proliferation of plus bikes, which feature 3.0” wide tires, are a boon to bicycle adventurers in Baja California. -Cutter diagonal de 4-6 pulgadas Thrilled that Baja Sur was such a great experience for you. Built from design concepts hatched from years of experience riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Baja Divide, and building performance gravel bikes, the MAHALL / Renaissance Cyclist Expedition Gravel geometry is a reimagining of what we previously assumed was the ideal ultra-endurance bikepacking kit. , which feature 3.0” wide tires, are a boon to bicycle adventurers in Baja California.

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