Healthy Donuts with Cashew Cinnamon Glaze (SCD, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free) Dense but springy - the perfect cake donut texture! For an egg-free and vegan donut recipe, try this healthy pumpkin donut recipe instead. Then stir in remaining sugar, evaporated milk, salt, shortening, egg, egg yolk, and vanilla extract. Devour ASAP! Combine the powder sugar with milk and you are ready to get creative with the flavors. The possibilities are endless. Mix with a whisk or fork. In a large bowl, mix together the sugar, milk and salt until smooth. Today’s recipe yields doughnuts that are super light and fluffy, not dense or gummy, which is a problem with many baked doughnut recipes. You've found them. It’s typically smoother than the top side, so the glaze looks a little prettier! Be sure to brush the glaze … immediately (before the glaze hardens). Add extra corn syrup if needed to make a smooth, shiny glaze. Jump to Recipe /Print Recipe Are Donuts Healthy? Whisk slowly, until well combined. Note: For a reliably shiny finish, choose chocolate whose main ingredient isn't sugar. All in one place. The glaze makes these cakes taste like donuts against their crisp shell. While the donuts are baking, work on the glaze. © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. This glaze can be used to make chocolate glazed donuts, top eclairs, or drizzle over pound cake!Pin it for Later » Simple Chocolate Glaze Overview. These glazed keto donuts … These donuts: Have no refined flour, and are made with certified gluten-free oat flour (packed with fiber and they will keep you full longer!) Eating a lot of sugar (natural or not) isn’t a healthy habit, but having an occasional treat made with healthy ingredients is perfectly okay. Then stir stir stir… keep stirring for at least a minute, until the watery mess turns thick and paste-y like frosting. King Arthur Unbleached All-Purpose Flour - 3 lb. Whisk in coconut oil and espresso powder. Dip the donuts. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat together butter, vegetable oil, … Yield: about 1/2 cup glaze. For the donuts: In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda. Remove the glaze from the heat and set over a bowl of warm water. 5. These healthy baked pumpkin donuts are the perfect fall treat. Make the glaze. › recipes › maple-glaze-for-doughnuts Make the donut glaze. Nutmeg and vanilla extract add that classic cake donut flavor, while buttermilk provides a tangy note to balance out the sweetness. Dip top of doughnuts in glaze, or drizzle glaze over doughnuts. Working in batches air-fry 2 doughnuts and 2 doughnut holes for 4 to 5 minutes or until golden. Fluffy Chocolate Donuts: Fluffy and fat free? In a small bowl, combine the Splenda and cornstarch. January 26, 2021 This post may contain affiliate links. Baked Funfetti Donuts aka Birthday Donuts because it’s MY BIRTHDAY!! They’re a more nutritious, lower in sugar version of your favorite cider mill donut that are made gluten and dairy free. A cake donut is lower in fat, so if you are really feeling like a health nut, just switch from regular to cake. Stir until well … Mar 4, 2015 - Healthy Mocha Donuts with Dark Chocolate Mocha Glaze: Rich, chocolate-y donuts with a hint of coffee flavor and dark chocolate mocha glaze. When the donuts have cooled, dip each \top surface into the glaze and then flip over and cool on a … Mix the milk and vinegar together and let it sit for 10 minutes. Baking Parchment Paper - Set of 100 Half-Sheets. This Healthy Blueberry Vegan Donuts with Blueberry Glaze recipe is a real treat. Donut glaze is easy to make. I love a traditional buttery glaze on glazed donuts, but feel free to make a maple, chocolate, or colored glaze. You can decide whether you want chocolate matcha mochi donuts, double chocolate mochi donuts or a combination of both of these. If desired, top the donuts with sprinkles, dried raspberries, etc. 11.05.2020 - betseypxenosfh hat diesen Pin entdeckt. If needed, set the pan back on the heat briefly to melt the chocolate. Topped with a creamy maple cashew glaze, these donuts are seriously addicting! Fluffy, moist, baked, and completely dairy-free; these donuts (or doughnuts if preferred) are the perfect sweet treat for the entire family. Combine the two ingredients, and melt. Enjoy! There are two different glaze options for these donuts. Yield: about 1/2 cup glaze. When dipping in the glaze, I put the glaze on the side of the donut that was touching the donut pan (so the bottoms!). With just a few simple ingredients and no gluten/grains, dairy, eggs, sugar, soy or artificial ingredients, these healthy donuts make a fun breakfast treat kids and adults alike will love! Please read my disclosure policy. Sift confectioners' sugar into milk mixture. I’ve tried many low carb donut recipes but this is by far the recipe that tastes the closest to an actual donut. This is the BEST recipe for keto donuts. But the most important element is the simple powdered sugar glaze, which creates a shiny coating and makes it look like the real deal. If there’s anything that’s stuck around from my childhood, it’s chocolate and peanut butter (okay, and Disney, and my love for the Offspring and Nirvana…and the movie, Rush Hour– Chris Tucker is my hero). To make apple cider glaze: Stir all of the ingredients together, adding additional … Low Carb Glazed Donut Recipe. If you're storing them for later use, I recommend mixing up the glaze and keeping it on the side until you're ready to serve. Yield: about 1/2 cup glaze. These donuts are made in a mini-donut pan. Combine milk and vanilla in a medium saucepan and heat over low heat until warm. Facebook15 Pinterest215 Start the weekend off right with this Glazed Donut French Toast recipe … To make apple cider glaze: Stir all of the ingredients together, adding additional sugar or cream if needed to make the glaze the consistency of molasses. Grease a donut pan and fill each donut about 3/4 of the way. Any shape works with this glaze. For glaze, in a medium saucepan whisk to combine espresso, sugar and salt. Dip each donut in the glaze and let harden. Whisk slowly, until well combined. Your favorite shows, personalities, and exclusive originals. We didn’t believe it either. Donuts … Paleo, gluten-free, and no refined sugar, healthy, and easy pumpkin desserts for the family to enjoy. Transfer to a wire rack and repeat with remaining doughnuts and holes. Lastly, in a medium bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar and 4 teaspoons water until smooth. These donut holes have some sugar (from the chocolate chips and glaze) but not nearly as much as other donuts. Dip doughnuts into the glaze, 1 at a time, and set on a draining rack placed in a half sheet pan for 5 minutes before serving. 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract. Super quick and easy to make ; Substitute peanut butter if you don't have cashew butter; Makes 12 donuts; Donuts. Only 132 calories per donut and every bite has fun rainbow sprinkles! › skinny-homemade-baked-donuts-recipe 1/2 teaspoon salt. These baked Blueberry Cake Donuts are bursting with blueberry flavor and dipped in the most gorgeous purple glaze. Baked Apple Cider Protein Doughnuts. Looking for a selection of glazes for your homemade doughnuts? Um, yeah. Nov 12, 2020 - Tender gingerbread-flavored donuts with a sweet maple yogurt glaze. Remember to pipe your mixture into your donut tray to help clean up. 2-3 tablespoons milk. If you prefer, this recipe will yield 12 standard sized donuts… Glaze is very easy to make. Preheat oven to 375ºF and lightly grease a standard donut pan. If desired (for a thicker coating), dip all of your donuts into the glaze a second time. These healthy apple cider donuts with a tahini maple glaze were a recipe that caught my eye while flipping through a magazine and then one I HAD to make after our family visit to the apple orchard. … 1 1/4 cups (142g) confectioners' sugar or glazing sugar, sifted to remove any lumps, 1 to 2 tablespoons (14g to 28g) milk or water, 1/2 cup (85g) semisweet chocolate chips or chopped semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon (25g) light corn syrup, 1 cup (113g) confectioners' or glazing sugar. 4. Divide batter between donut pans and bake until golden brown, until 15-20 minutes. Copyright © It's best to glaze the donuts right before serving. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Add the milk mixture to the egg mixture and whisk to combine. If you prefer a thinner glaze on … This easy chocolate glaze is made with just two ingredients: chocolate and butter. Per Donut (with 2 tablespoons glaze): Calories: 263, Fat: 10g, Carbohydrates: 26g, Fiber: 3g, Protein: 6g Recipe Notes: I don’t recommend making any substitutions for the eggs or coconut flour in the donut recipe. immediately (before the glaze hardens). Mix the flour and salt in a bowl, and then retrieve 1/2 cup at a time and add it to the mixing bowl, … Healthy pumpkin donuts with pumpkin spice maple glaze are made with eight simple ingredients, and baked to perfection! I’m going to go out on a limb and say… donuts can be healthy! 2. Cake donuts come in many unique flavors, so you will not need to sacrifice taste at all. Bring to a boil, then take off heat and stir in chocolate until melted. All rights reserved. Remove the glaze from the heat and set over a bowl of warm water. The donuts will also keep in an airtight container for 2-3 days. 3. Our vanilla, chocolate, and apple cider doughnut glazes are a tasty final touch. So how do I justify my claim that these are healthy? Last year, we started the tradition of going with Ben to the apple orchard (I made slow cooker apple butter after returning home). Since donuts typically may not be on your regular grocery list, you could walk to the donut store and your workout for the year is complete! Dip your donuts into the glaze, twisting them once in the bowl to ensure the entire top is covered. All you need is melted salted butter, … These vanilla cake donuts seem to be a lot of people’s favorite. Once the donuts are cooled, spoon about 1-2 TBS of glaze on top of each donut. Donuts: Whisk together flours. Combine water and milk in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with … Add in a some sprinkles and you’ve got a colorful, picture perfect little donut. 2021 1 small drop Pink food coloring. This recipe takes about 10 minutes and makes enough for 8 to 10 donuts, depending on how large the surface area to cover is. They’re baked, not fried so you can eat more—and still stay healthy during the holidays! 1 ½ cup (6oz/172g) powdered sugar. Above, frosted with my simple Healthy Glaze … (The warmth of the donuts gives the glaze … I wish I was still that young, but somehow time keeps ticking forward, lol!Continue Reading Using an electric mixer or a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, beat the eggs, butter, sugar and … Basically, these baked chocolate donuts with peanut butter glaze taste like … In a large bowl, combine the powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup, and vanilla. Then … It’s my BIRTHDAY today!! Combine milk and vanilla in a medium saucepan and heat over low heat until warm. Transfer to a large bowl and add the … You can also use a muffin tray! 2 cups almond meal. If desired, top the donuts with sprinkles, dried raspberries, etc. Dip doughnuts into the glaze, 1 at a time, and set on a draining rack placed in a half sheet pan for 5 minutes before serving. Paleo, Vegan, Low-Carb & Keto options! To make chocolate glaze: Melt the ingredients together over low heat or in the microwave, stirring often. Add all the ingredients in to the bowl with the milk and vinegar, and mix well. To make the vanilla glaze: Stir the ingredients together, adding extra liquid or confectioners' sugar to adjust the consistency as needed. King Arthur Baking Company, Inc. All rights reserved. I’m finally 21! Use forks to dip the doughnuts in the glazed. (I used a microwave for 14 seconds.) These homemade donuts are made with healthier ingredients and baked. Sift confectioners' sugar into milk mixture. 3/4 teaspoon baking soda. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove the donuts from the oven, let cool, and flip out. These doughnuts will leave you feeling full, yet energized! Vanilla protein powder will help these guys … 3 tablespoons honey, melted. Sign up for the Recipe of the Day Newsletter Privacy Policy, Alton Brown Cooks Live: Bone Marrow with Parsley Salad, Alton Brown Cooks Live: Roasted Snapper, Island Edition, Alton Brown Cooks Live: Dessert Panzanella, Alton Brown Cooks Live: Panini Press Dinner, Broiled Sockeye Salmon with Citrus Glaze Recipe, Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze Recipe. Simply combine the powdered sugar, almond milk, and vanilla extract until smooth. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Easily whipped together in under 30 minutes. They have a nice cake-like texture, and the perfect balance between the sweet vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate glaze. While the air fryer donuts are still warm, dip them into the glaze and put them on a cooling rack to set. It's ok to glaze and refrigerate, just know that the donuts will soak up some of the glaze. 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted. Ha, joking! We've found that using chocolate chips that list sugar as the main ingredient produce glaze that's grainy and dull-looking. 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