Blue Marlin can reach over 15 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 lbs, but the average weight is between 125 and 300 lbs. Capt. Right now the average size on these guys is about 10 pounds with a few in the 30-pound range being caught every day. There have been a lot of Mullet showing up in the Marina so it won't be long before the larger Roosterfish start to show. Ben Horning on Fish Tank released 496 Striped Marlin over 5-Days (99/Day Average) Shoe released 110 Striped Marlin over 2-Days (55/Day Average) Jaruco released 184 Striped Marlin over 4-Days (46/Day Average) Captains Luis and Franky Abaroa on Go Deeper released 88 Striped Marlin. Capt. Juanjo Abaroa on Karma III released 75 Striped Marlin. Striped Marlin is the unofficial symbol of Cabo precisely because you can go after it anytime from January to August and enjoy the stupendous drag-singing action. BILLFISH: Cabo is enjoying excellent fishing at the moment. Weight: 1,560 pounds Angler: Alfred Glassell Jr. Now you know how to differentiate between these two Marlin species. So, next time a Marlin shows itself in the duration of your fishing trip you can be sure to spot the right one without confusion. Although it is smaller compared to other marlin species, it can grow up to 12 feet; weigh more than 450 pounds; and live up to 20 years. In fact, it seemed like we couldn’t move more than a quarter-mile without seeing a striped marlin. • The Striped Marlin exhibited a large vertical movement pattern which varied depending on daylight or darkness. Striped Marlin are found year-round but prefer water in the 72-80 degree range. BILLFISH: Cabo is living up to its name of “Marlin Alley” with multiple hook-ups of striped marlin ranging in size from 90 to 180 LBS, with an average catch of three marlin per boat per day. The average catch now is about a dozen fish per trip along with scattered Jack Crevalle. Striped Marlin: The Unofficial Symbol of Cabo The crew of Don Luis went on to hook four more marlin that afternoon — all while sight-casting to tailing fish. Super light tackle compared to what I'm used to fishing for giant tuna and black and blue marlin. With just two people in the cockpit, and double headers of striped marlin, Capt Josh hooks, fights, wires, and releases a nice Cabo striped marlin solo. Other months are also productive, but winter months are the time for a stellar fishing expedition. The average size is 110 pounds, but the world record is 494 pounds. Tracy Ehrenberg October 5, 2008 Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report Overall Catch Success Rate 99%. The fish varied in energy and strength; anglers reported some fish as coming to the boat easily, whilst others were feisty and gave the anglers a beating. Location: Cabo Blanco, Peru Date: Aug. 4, 1953 Notes: Glassell Jr. of Houston boated this black marlin record after a 1 hour and 45 minute fight. The 174-inch fish fell for a mackerel trolled in the once-legendary Black Marlin Boulevard off Cabo … Blue Marlin feed on dorado, mackerel, mullet and small tuna. The Blue Marlin has a short and broad lower jaw whereas the Striped Marlin’s lower jaw is narrower and pointed. Nothing makes Capt Herk happier than going backwards in … With plenty of action on both billfish and dorado. Best fishing for Striped Marlin is normally from November until May. Striped and Blue Marlin at Cabo San Lucas Capt. Striped Marlin: These fish are the kings of Cabo for offshore fishing. Striped Marlin – (Tetrapturus audax) are found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific seas, not far from the surface. The striped marlin is a beautiful fish with distinctive blue bands across its body, slender bill, and a lighter shade of blue which sets it apart from its cousin, the blue marlin.

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