One of the more recent innovations in the LED headlight world is the braided metal heat sink. PUTCO SILVER LUX LED HEADLIGHT BULB 9007. How Projector Headlights Work. The Putco F1 Series # PF1-H13AF are a great set of LED headlights that come equipped with an anti-flicker harness and will provide a great upgrade from your current halogen headlights. Bolt it to the frame, and connect the electrical harness. There is a lot of difference in performance but be forewarned, many led's for the projector headlights are "clockable". Stop by any of our locations in Flint, Bay City, Clarkston and Lansing or call us Toll Free at 1-866-820-2119 for pricing and availability. #1 – Xenon Pro LED Headlight Conversion Kit XenonPro LED Headlights Kit. Finished installing my new headlight today. Step 3 – Install the LED headlight assembly. Ford Fusion with Factory Halogen Headlights 2017, Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit by Putco®. The 360 series LED bulbs consist of 5mm LED's that use the factory housing the same way a standard halogen bulb would, with a typical LED bulb having 28 of these LEDs. Despite this, they only use about a fifth of the energy of glass bulbs. Broadly speaking, LED headlights tend to use either heat sinks, fans or both for thermal dissipation. The factory Wrangler JK headlights and fog lights are notoriously under powered. Shining 6500K white, these headlight bulb upgrades feature a clockable collar, allowing you to adjust the light beam as necessary for your vehicle. The easiest way for someone that insists on doing it themselves is have a friend drive your car, and you drive in front of them and see how your headlights look while driving around the block, then lower/raise a smidgen, and repeat until you're satisfied. Figured for that price you can go … For Base Halogen Reflectors Only: this LED conversion kit will only fit trucks with OEM base halogen reflector headlights. CJ Pony Parts proudly offers a wide variety of PUTCO items including panels, trim, lighting and more. HEADLIGHT HOUSING You'll want to choose the headlight housing that your truck currently has. Therefore, compared to other types of bulbs, LED headlights are quite literally the best. LED Bulbs from GTR Lighting, S-V.4, Diode Dynamics, Morimoto, Xenon Depot. Next. Putco Nitro Lux Pro have been amazing for the low beams. These sleek and powerful 7” Black LED Headlights from LX-LIGHT are an incredible deal that is hard to beat. Visit our online store to get a top-notch Putco product built to offer unique style and unmatched quality. Using premium technology, they illuminate dark spots and foggy conditions and provide 50,000 hours of light. Putco 260010W-S Headlight Bulb - Led. They'll also fit anything else that fits a 9004 bulb. According to the instructions from Putco, the led is supposed to be clocked down (6 o'clock) for optimum light distribution. At it’s most basic form, there are three parts: Reflector; Lens; Light source (halogen bulb, HID or LED) The reflector portion is similar to what you see in a flashlight. Headlight Revolution offers today's best from GTR Lighting, Morimoto, and Diode Dynamics. They rely on an array of light-emitting diodes directly powered by an electrical charge. Putco Luminix LED Headlights. Normally, headlights use a Phillips screwdriver pattern. So, to adjust headlights, pop the hood, locate the opening at the backside of the headlight assemblies. Silver-Lux LED Headlight Bulbs are a plug and play solution for your Jeep’s dim factory lights. LED headlights: These are completely different headlights. Carefully place the new LED headlight assembly in place of the old one. Looking to spice up the appearance of your truck? Adjust Headlights Horizontally in Hyundai Sonata 2002. LED headlights are widely used to upgrade halogen bulbs in vehicles. There are also others I seen too. A popular set of headlights, Cougar Motor LED bulbs are up to 200-percent brighter than standard halogen models. For fog lights, it will always be a challenge in getting proper H11 LED bulbs (like Philips) also cost an upwards of $150 a pair. 1 Pair, 6500K, 4000lm (per kit). A bit involved, but can be done in an afternoon and a heatgun (or oven). GTR Lighting LED Conversion Kit This goes shows LEDs vs halogen and seems the LEDs are better. When the moon – or your foggy factory headlights – won’t do the trick, make the exchange for the blazing brightness of a Putco Silver-Lux LED Conversion Kit. For starters, LED headlights light up instantly, provide even lighting, and they produce minimal heat, thus reducing the risk of heat damage. 9005 bulbs 6500k color. Great brightness , color and cutoff. Lightning Output: It has 8000 raw lumen and 4000 lumens for each bulb which is quite impressive. Push down to get the lights lined up. use a screwdriver, put it in the hole to engage with the teeth of the gear. Make sure it is securely plugged in. Instant-intensity, added lux, and the ultimate contrast for your vehicles low and high beams. Not quite as bright as HIDs but way brighter than stock halogens. Our dealer did not clock them and they were terrible. Install the new LED in reverse order to the steps above. These lights get hotter than glass bulbs, so a heat sink and tiny fan prevent overheating. They are said to provide a 6,000-lumen output per light, offering a total of 12,000 lumens on high beam per pair with a 5,500 Kelvin color temperature. Putco has produced an easy and affordable LED upgrade that will outperform the Wrangler OEM headlights. Those factors and its simplicity have made LED an industry standard today. LED headlight bulbs are known to be highly energy efficient. The benefit with LED is ten time less power consumption and instant on. Your Putco Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit will emit up to 4,000 lumens of 6500K color balanced light thanks to a dual filament high-beam operation. LED headlight bulbs consume less than 60% of the total energy required to power a … Joe from AmericanTrucks and today I'm going to be reviewing and installing the Putco Silver-Lux LED Low Beam Bulbs with the H11, fitting all '15 and up F-150s with the halogen headlights. Shining 6500K white, these headlight bulb upgrades feature a clockable collar, allowing you to adjust the light beam as necessary for your vehicle. a) If your vehicle is equipped with cover to seal the bulb, you may need to tuck the antiflicker and driver harnesses into the headlight assembly before you install the Silver- Lux bulb. Easy Installation: This headlight is very easy to install.Just open the headlight, replace the bulb and enjoy the high-intensity beam light during the night time. Test the headlights before reassembling the bumper and fender. These LED headlight bulbs from PUTCO will be a direct replacement for the factory-style bulb on all 1987 through 1993 Mustang headlights. 2017 Ram Sport with projectors. Putco's Silver-Lux LED headlight bulb kits are custom designed with aluminum towers and built with high-power Philips LumiLEDs with 4000 Lumens of light output on dual filament high beam operation. Free shipping . Best selection and affordable prices on Silver-Lux LED Kit 289005 Putco Lighting from Titan Truck. After struggling with HID install I stuck with an LED conversion. So finally found a deal for some new style LED headlights from Alpharex for $300. ; Voltage and Wattage: It runs on a 9V battery, and typically takes only 36 Wattage for normal usage.Thus, it runs on low-wattage power. Replace existing bulbs with the Silver-Lux LED bulbs. The entire set is mid-priced compared to other options that we’ve reviewed but what really increases the value is that the set includes 2 4” LED fog lights to go with your new Jeep headlights. It’s a reflective half-sphere that throws the light from the light source in a specific direction. $126.91. HOW TO ORDER. 100% Agreed. Putco's Silver-Lux LED headlight bulb kits are custom designed with aluminum towers and built with high-power Philips LumiLEDs with 4000 Lumens of light output on dual filament high beam operation. Re-aiming headlights is a common DIY thing that's often done improperly. Putco Silver-Lux PRO LED Headlights Vehicle Accessories carries a complete line of Putco high-powered LED headlights. For many years, PUTCO has offered some of the industry's most diverse and unique collections of truck and automotive parts & accessories. They also have a long lifespan, which makes them a great investment option. 2. Toyota Rav4 2 In 1 LED Upgrade Kit - LED Daytime Running Lights W/ Integrated LED Fog Lights The main headlights were upgraded with Putco brand, Silver-lux PRO by PUTCO If the link for Putco doesn't work they are Silver-Lux Pro part# 289012P I am very happy with the quality of the foglight package and would highly recommend it over stock. This technology eliminates the need for the bulkier rigid heat sinks. In order to add LED lights to your 2007 Dodge Ram, you will need to purchase LED headlights with an anti-flicker harness on them-or add one after the fact. Buy 9145/9140/H10/9045/9040 LED Fog Lights Bulbs or DRL, Plug And Play, SEALIGHT 6000LM 6000K White, Extremely Bright 12 CSP LED Chips-1 Yr: Driving, Fog & Spot Lights - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases *These LED headlights are an upgrade for 2013-2018 Dodge Rams with factory halogen headlights. That’s why so many drivers have elected to upgrade their foggy factory lights the fast and easy way with the Putco Silver-Lux LED Headlight Conversion Kit. Warranty: Putco backs these Nitro-Lux LED … Projector headlight use a very simple design. For a really different headlight look on your JK, Putco offers the Luminix LED headlights made from aircraft-grade aluminum. View All They use less power to produce the same amount of light output as halogen bulbs. 150 PUTCO Low Beam Headlight Bulb Silver Lux LED H11 Cool White Pair... Posted on Apr 06, 2017. I am trying to determine if something like this Putco 2600D1W-S - White Bulb type: D1 Putco Universal LED Headlight Bulbs - Headlight Bulbs would be worth the money to convert my headlights to LEDs. Due to the design of the large fan housing on the G11 Series, you will have limited height adjustability with the G11 series and may not be able to adjust the headlights down far enough due to the design of the bulb and the 6" lift. I was using the stock headlights with high wattage bulbs but every year or so I had to keep replacing bulbs. For headlights, I will always recommend proper HID projector retrofits. When the moon – or your foggy factory headlights – won’t do the trick, make the exchange for the blazing brightness of a Putco Silver-Lux LED Conversion Kit. These LED headlight bulbs are proudly made in the USA, and backed by Putco’s 2 Year Warranty. The adjustment screws/nuts should be located either on the top of the headlamp assembly, behind the headlamp assembly, or near the frame rail by the radiator support.